We are  responsible travel expert in Tanzania. We arrange all private Safaris and Group Tours, group treks to Kilimanjaro the World’s highest free standing mountain. Other fascinating treks including Mount Kilimanjaro, Mt.Meru, Oldonyo Lengai, Maasai treks in Loliondo and Ngorongoro highlands. We also arrange Wildlife Safaris, cycling challenges and Zanzibar Beach Holidays.

At MKAMA TOURS TO TANZANIA LIMITED your safety and comfort on safari is very important. You spend hours traveling and game viewing in one of our new 4×4 Toyota Safari Cruisers. Each one is custom designed with an extra large photographic roof hatch, extra dust proofing, comfortable seats with seat belts and canvas covers, first aid kits, binoculars, a selection of field guides and a cooler stocked with bottles of mineral water supplied by MKAMA TOURS TO TANZANIA LIMITEDno additional cost. Give us an opportunity to organize your dream holiday.

MKAMA TOURS TO TANZANIA LIMITED offers safari packages covering most of the spectacular attractions and destinations in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. The packages cover all Tanzania National Parks, game controlled areas, conservation area in Ngorongoro, Zanzibar Beaches and Kilimanjaro, Meru, Kenya and Oldonyo Lengai Trekking, most of safaris in Kenya and Gorilla tracking in Uganda and Rwanda. We covers camping and lodge safaris, photo taking, charity tours, education and internships, business tours, honeymoon holidays, balloon safaris in Serengeti, chimpanzee tracking in Gombe and Mahale national park.  Please note that we can design and arrange for a safari that suit most budgets and expectations. Note also that we operate on eco-friendly and sustainable tourism that involve local Tanzania communities. That is why we give back to local communities.



We are envisaged to becoming one of the best Tour Operator in Tanzania and East Africa at large.

Our Mission

We shall provide exemplary and differentiated services to our clients at the most competitive rates in the market. We shall achieve this mission by:

  1. Providing value added services to our clients
  2. Maintaining a philosophy of continuous quality improvement
  3. Maintaining an environment where our employees can excel traits and share in the success of the company.
  4. Maintaining an effective and mutually profitable relationships with our service providers


To effectively achieve our  vision we shall at al levels cling onto these eight (8) core values:

  1. Clients Centered

Our clients are always number one priority; they are our sole reason for existence; we will therefore remain a client and market driven company, providing value added services supported by advance technology. At Mkama Tours to Tanzania quality of service gets its meaning from the customer.

  1. Team work

We recognize our success as a corporate is best achieved through cooperation and teamwork, our customers measures us as a whole rather than by distinct departments. We at MKAMA TOURS TO TANZANIA LIMITED believes always in unity and that “One is greater than parts of one”

  1. Professionalism

We will always strive for an integrated proactive approach; we must seek new opportunities to make our  guests safaris more efficient, effective and memorable. In order to be professional we always seek to understand our customers’ needs and provide them with timely relevant and industry acceptable standards. All initiatives we undertake, products we develop and system and process we establish are aligned with increased value to our customers.

  1. Innovation and Creativity

We will always focus on customers needs and beyond by providing our services in a new, easy, friendly, low cost and fast approach. For us, “business as usual never”

  1. Integrity and Honesty

We shall always act with integrity and honesty in order to provide exemplary service and become the leading Tour Operator in Tanzania and East Africa at large.

  1. Accountability and Transparency

MKAMA TOURS TO TANZANIA LIMITED strives to be responsible team at corporate and individual employee level. We create the environment where each one of us demonstrates maximum level of transparency, self accountability and initiative.

  1. Partnerships

We believe in partnering with like-minded travel firms, tour operators, institutions, organizations and share our values and commitment for excellent services.

  1. We Value People

Putting all human being ahead of materials things by maintaining the sprit of respect and honor

Our Staffs:  All employees at MKAMA TOURS TO TANZANIA LIMITED are valued team members and team leaders. They are our most valued resource. We will therefore enjoy our association and realize the rewards of our success together.

Our Customers: On the other hand, customers are the most reason for our being and hence we will value them beyond money and materials.

Our Service Providers: We will extend vividly our recognition to all our service providers who always enable us to deliver to our customers services in a more fast, effective, cost effective and friendly environment.


From humble beginning of organizational local tours, travels and safaris, Mkama Tours to Tanzania is growing and building competencies and capabilities to serve both the corporate and retail clients. Our experience enables us to deliver very personalized service at most competitive rates.

Our secret for rapid growth mainly founded on the ability to serve a client according to his/her budget and yet meet his/her holiday expectations. This has given us an immense exposure and experience in organizing local and international safaris and travels, weather air transfers, hotel booking, cultural tours, balloon safaris, horse riding game tour OR transport logistics.

Mkama Tours to Tanzania would therefore like to partner with you or your company in facilitating the above mentions services

We curiously wait to working with you



Gerald Faustini Mkama

Gerald Faustini Mkama


Gerald Faustini Mkama, the Director of Mkama Tours to Tanzania Limited, is a true maestro when it comes to the art of travel. With a mind brimming with wisdom and experience, Gerald has become a beacon in the tour and travel industry. From his humble beginnings, completing Form Four and a tour guide course, he has embarked on a remarkable 13-year journey as a Spanish-speaking tour guide. His expertise has been honed through his time with renowned companies like Leopard Tours, Easy Travel, Aika Safari, Tabia Safari, and Shade of Green Safari. Not content with just guiding, Gerald also delved into the realm of conference services, gaining invaluable experience as an assistant for a year. In the past two years, Gerald has risen to new heights as a talented tour operator, teaming up with Mkama Tours and Holiday Planners to craft extraordinary and unforgettable adventures in Tanzania. And here’s a delightful bonus: Gerald’s love for football adds an extra spark to his already impressive repertoire. To reach out to this maestro, simply find him on WhatsApp at +255757163431 or visit our website at www.tourtotanzania.com. Don’t miss the chance to connect with him on Facebook as well. Embark on an extraordinary journey with Gerald and Mkama Tours to Tanzania Limited.