The park is on Lake Tanganyika, near the Burundi border. Gombe was created to protect 1,000’s of chimpanzees and is set in the stunning Mahale mountains. It is reknowned for fantastic sunsets over Lake Tanganyika and Eastern Zaire which makes it an essential stop for the keen photographer. It is also known of Jane Godall’s fame in Chimpanzee research. Its habitat combines rain forest, grasslands, alpine bamboo and woodland. The best time to visit is between May and October.
Activites and Special Interests: Boat safaris, Climbing; snorkelling to observe the 90 species of cichlid and other fish in Lake Tanganyika; photography; chimpanzee and walking safaris.
Wildlife: 50 species of animal have been noted in the park predominantly from the monkey family: chimpanzees, yellow baboon, Sykes monkeys, red tailed, savannah, colobus monkeys (both red and black & white) and 2 species of galago.

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