Itinerary Summary

Northern circuit route is new Kilimanjaro route which as responsible travel characteristics such as low traffic and unspoiled. This is Kilimanjaro trail which has beauty scenery and takes 9 days from beginning, summiting and finishing trip.

Begins on Western side of Kilimanjaro, from Londorosi gate and  through Lemosho forest for two days. Then it crosses the Shira Plateau the path up north near Lava Tower, following the longer Northern Circuit instead of the more popular Southern Circuit via Barranco Valley.  Northern circuit circum navigate almost whole Kilimanjaro to see most ice fields and Arrow glacier.

Itinerary Details

Day to Day schedule is below: Inquire for more details

Day1. Register at the Gate and then trek to Londros gate to Shira I – Overnight, meals.

Day 2. Trek from  Shira I to Shira 2 – Meals and Overnight

Day 3. Trek from shira 2 to Moir Camp – meals and Overnight

Day 4. Trek from Moir Camp to povu – meals and Overnight

Day 5. Trek from povu to third cave – meals and Overnight

Day 6. Trek from Third cave to school hut – meals and Overnight

Day 7. Trek from school hut to Crater camp Overnight

Day 8. Trek from Crater camp to  Uhuru peaks, wait for some time for photograph and descend to Mweka Camp.
Day 9. This morning leave the Mweka camp and down to mweka gate back to Moshi or Arusha.


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