This safari gives you an in-depth view of the natural history of East Africa, with a special emphasis on wildlife photography. The itinerary has proven very productive and popular in the past, allowing a maximum amount of game viewing and photography, with a minimum of time spent on the road.

This is Africa as you’ve always imagined it to be: the magic of a Serengeti sunset, the teeming wildlife of Ngorongoro Crater. A safari to Tanzania is a special adventure into the premier game-viewing country of Africa. Tanzania’s great game parks and reserves are unsurpassed anywhere in the world. We’ll see all of the major plains animals, zebras, giraffes, impalas, gazelles, and other herbivores. There will be baboons and monkeys, herds of elephant and buffalo, and some of the most wonderful bird life you will ever see.

Africa can be the venue for a magical photography holiday: many of our destinations are very photogenic. We can help you get the best out of your trip – and to plan a trip with lots of great photographic opportunities in it.

In many ways, the value of this section, and our advice, is as much about how and when to travel, as it is about where to go. We can organise specialist photography holidays in Africa, led by well-known photographers, but the vast majority of our travellers who are keen photographers prefer to take their own trips.

Most safari camps and lodges will include guided activities, which often give superb opportunities for photography. However, you will often have to share such activities with other guests, and this isn’t always conducive to you getting the very best shots. As possible strategies for getting around this limitation, we’d always suggest that you consider:

  • Including at least some lodges / camps which have ‘game hides’ where you can wait for animals to photograph.
  • Travelling in the quieter months, when the lodges and camps are less full.
  • Organising in advance a private vehicle and guide, so that you can direct where and how long you stop.
  • Considering a self-drive itinerary, perhaps in Namibia, where you set your own driving schedule, stopping for as long as you wish to take photographs.

Several of the Holiday Planners and Tours to Tanzania team are keen photographers, and we’re proud to have taken all of the pictures in our brochure, and many of those on this website. Ask for one of our keen photographers to advise you; they’re very aware of when and where you’re likely to get the best shots.

Below are notes for photography holidays in individual countries in Africa; click through for more information and recommendations for camps and lodges. Better still: look through and then call to speak to one of our team!

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