The Udzungwa rainforest is a remnant of the ancient Eastern arc rainforest that stretched along the eastern rift. It has similarities with forests in Madagascar and West Africa. However, Madagascar split from the mainland 165 million years ago and the Udzungwa forests have remained isolated from those in West Africa for the last 5 million years so that there exists a high degree of endemism with 25% of the plant species unique, 4 species of endemic primate, and several recently discovered endemic bird species.
This is the most recently gazetted of the National Parks. Due to the taboos of traditional beliefs, the mountains have remained untouched for thousands of years so many endemic species of both mammal and bird have evolved and thrived. The mountains are swathed in a unique and fascinating rainforest, home to a huge biodiversity with 10 species of primate, including the endemic ‘Sanje Crested’ Mangabey, the Hehe Red Colobus, 2 new species of Bushbaby and several recently dicovered species of birds.

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